There’s a Puma in the Kitchen…

“I Love my Baby, but…”

I would like to ban this phrase from all of Mommydom. I can’t tell you how many of my friends have used this opener right before they confessed that they were tired all of the time or unsure about breastfeeding or resentful that they didn’t feel like themselves yet and their husbands didn’t seem to be skipping the proverbial beat. Every time, one of my friends reminds me that they love their baby, I try to interrupt, “I know you do — just tell me what’s on your mind.”

My collection of essays, “There’s a Puma in the Kitchen and Other Unexpected Tales of Motherhood,” provides a glimpse into all of the things I expected about pregnancy and motherhood… and all the things I actually found awaiting me.  You will read about my broken boobies, my inability to let my youngest daughter sleep through the night and, oh yeah, that time I dented my oldest daughter’s forehead.

You will laugh, you will cry, you will come to terms… available now for Kindle and Nook.

3 responses to “There’s a Puma in the Kitchen…

  1. Gina

    Can’t Wait!!

  2. Maia Sequoia

    Awesome!!! I look forward to reading your book. I am not a mother ,never planned to be,but I like hearing the stories that only comes from motherhood-om. Thank you for sharing and I’m sure it’s great reading for parents and entertainment for non parents as well as answering questions lots of people wanted to ask but hesitant to ask. Great job Heather.(where did you find the time?

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